Feature Walls and Ceilings

An accent wall with reclaimed materials from Used Anew

This accent wall utilized a mix of about 50% of our Brown/Grey, and 25% each of Skip Planed Red and Skip Planed White.

An accent wall with skip planed white material from Used Anew

An example of a “Cottage Chic” feature wall with our Skip Planed White material

This cabin application married vertical and horizontal installations of our Brown/Grey

An accent wall with colored woods supplied by Used Anew

A “Hodge Podge” feature wall that utilized a little of everthing on hand at the time.

An accent wall with skip planed red weathered barn siding, supplied by Used Anew

This accent wall features our Skip Planed Red material made from weathered red barn siding.

An accent wall with fireplace in a den, supplied by Used Anew

A lower level den remodel featured our Brown/Grey to accent a fireplace wall.

In this log cabin loft, the homeowner chose a mix of approximately 50% Brown/Grey and 25% each of Weathered Red and Weathered White.

Skip planed vintage wood on a kitchen island. Material supplied by Used Anew

This kitchen island features our Brown/Grey. We also supplied “Naily Wood” that was used for trim.

Ffats brewery with weathered red skip planed material on walls and skip planed brown/grey used on bar top. Materials by Used Anew

This rustic bar & lounge used our mix of mostly Skip Planed Red with a little Brown/Grey for their walls, and our Brown/Grey for their bar top. We also supplied some rusty corrugated tin for this project.

Accent wall with brown/grey skip planed reclaimed wood supplied by Used Anew

A nice example of our Brown/Grey on a small feature area.

Bar front accented with skip planed barn wood supplied by Used Anew

This bar front highlights our Brown/Grey and is trimmed with naily wood we supplied. 

Used Anew supplied skip planed reclaimed wood for the ceiling in this home addition

In this remodeled addition, our Brown/Grey makes and excellent statement of rustic comfort used on the ceiling.

Accent wall with mixed colors of reclaimed wood. Supplied by Used Anew.

The headboard wall shown here utilized approximately equal amounts of our Brown/Grey, Weathered Red, and Weathered White.

Commercial application of skip planed reclaimed wood supplied by Used Anew

A commercial application of our Brown/Grey is positively stunning!

Skip planed barn wood in a cabin addition by fireplace light. Supplied by Used Anew

An evening photograph of our Brown/Grey in a cabin addition presents a warm and cozy environment to relax in.

Mathews Archery corporate headquarters main office. Accent wall with reclaimed wood supplied by Used Anew

This Brown/Grey feature wall greets visitors to the corporate office of Mathews Archery in Sparta, WI.

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