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Nail Extractor Pliers Sold by Used Anew


  • Parallel Jaws allow the maximum contact with fastener and reduce the risk of shearing.
  • Curved heel enables the fastener to be lifted, with minimal damage to surface.
  • Serrated teeth create a slip free grip even on the most stubborn objects.
  • Non-slip cushion grips offer a better grip with more comfort.
  • Black Phosphate coating resists rust and corrosion.
  • Long Handles provide greater leverage.
  • Drop forged construction offers unsurpassed durability against abuse and the elements.
  • Solid Pressed Rivet construction provides a life time of durability.

    The entire tool is drop forged of the same steel used in the jaws of bolt-cutters. In addition, all 22 teeth are induction hardened to the same Rockwell hardness equal to a high grade of wire cutter. 

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Extractor Pliers in package
  • Model #: HL-1121
  • Length: 11 inches (280 mm)
  • Weight : 21 ounces (560grams)
  • Jaw width: 15/32 (15mm)
  • Material:  Chromium Molybdenum Steel   
  • Tooth hardness: HRC 53-56

Used Anew Review: We started with one Extractor to try it out on some nails we were having a real struggle with and quickly ordered one for each member of our denailing crew. When a nail or other fastener doesn't protrude through the lumber so we can 'kick' it out with the Nail Kicker, we use a variety of tools for removal, depending on the application. To be honest, we can pull most headed nails with other tools such as flat bars, claw hammers, Fulton Wrecker Bars, etc. But when the nail head pops off leaving a shaft the other tools can't grip, or we're pulling finish nails that slip through the claws of other tools, the Extractor really ROCKS!

Actually, the Extractor is designed to rock. While the serrated jaws put an iron grip on the fastener, the curved heel allows the operator to rock the tool back, pulling the nail more 'up' than 'over'. Like with any pair of pliers, it takes a little bit of time to position the jaws on the nail, so if we’re pulling multiple small to medium nails with heads, we’ll probably use a Super Wonder Bar, or if the nails stick up far enough to grab, we may use the Kwick Gripper. For nails with small or no heads that don’t stick up very far, though, we prefer The Extractor. We like the way the jaws lock on the fastener, with little need to apply gripping pressure with your hand. The long handles do provide pretty good leverage. The manufacturer's website shows an operator slipping an extension pipe over the upper handle to provide even more leverage when needed. (We haven't tried that yet because we simply switch to the Kwick Gripper when we need more leverage or speed.)

The Extractor works very well for removing slightly raised staples too.  -  © Used Anew, LLC 2013