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Nail Kicker Denailing tool sold by Used Anew

Nail Kicker V20-50

Similar to a nail gun but ‘KICKS' NAILS OUT of lumber and flooring.

POWERFUL, DURABLE, and SAFE for long-term use in harsh conditions.

The FASTEST way to REMOVE NAILS from building materials and reclaimed lumber.

So PRODUCTIVE, it can pay for itself in a very short time.

Runs on the same size compressor and same air pressure as a framing nailer.

An essential tool for the green remodeler or deconstruction expert to easily "clean" framing and flooring for reuse or donation, and almost effortlessly demonstrate your low-carbon footprint.

Manufacturer’s Price Reduction!! $349 Price $319

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Customer Comments: 

- "
Just had a chance to use my new Nail Kicker this weekend and it is awesome. What was going to be a burn pile of lumber ended up being a pallet and a half of reusable deck boards in 30-45 minutes. Thanks to the developers for their ingenuity and for your interest in my satisfaction. Excellent product.  Probably will be calling for some tips in the future. Thanks, Bart

- "Very seldom does a product exceed expectations but this one did. The nail kicker saved me hours of nail-popping. Thanks for your advice and help purchasing it. ” - John

Used Anew Review: 


The Nail Kicker V20-50 can be ordered with additional Driver/Nose sizes for fine-tuning the tool to the size nails you most frequently encounter. We've found that in our operation with multiple nail sizes common even in the same piece of lumber, that the V20-50 (which has the 'middle' sized Driver/Nose, is extremely versatile for all the nails we encounter. Small and medium sized nails are no problem for the V20-50, generally requiring only one 'hit' to drive them out of the board. Spikes, even those too large to fit within the Nose, can be driven out quickly with two or more 'hits'.

For most softwoods we denail, if any part of the tip of the nail is protruding from the underside of the board so that we can slip the Driver/Nose over it, one 'hit' will eject the nail out of the board nearly every time. With some hardwoods more than one 'hit' may be necessary and a percentage of nails will stop short of full ejection from the wood. Still, using the Nail Kicker V20 is far and away faster and easier than repeatedly pounding the nail tip with a hammer, and if it is necessary to flip the board and pull a few stubborn nails from the top side, it is generally easily accomplished with a claw hammer or flat bar.

Another great feature of the Nail Kicker V20 is that the sturdy Nose can be used to straighten nails quickly and efficiently - enough to get them going in the right direction when you pull the trigger. In our experience, this is several times faster than straightening the nail with a handtool in preparation for hammering it through to the other side.

We have done a great deal of denailing the conventional way - straightening and hammering the nail through from the backside, then pulling it with a second tool. So we can speak from experience when we compare the increase in denailing speed when using the Nail Kicker V20. Without question, even in piles of assorted wood and fastener types that require a variety of hand tools in addition to the Nail Kicker V20, we can work through material 2 to 4 times faster with the Nail Kicker V20 as a part of the tool lineup, than without it. 

Bear in mind that, as with any tool you use, safe handling of the Nail Kicker V20 is imperative. With sufficient force to eject a nail from a piece of lumber, the nail can become a projectile capable of causing injury to the operator or co-workers if not directed toward a soft landing or into a container that will limit ricochets. That said, a little common sense goes a long way. We use the Nail Kicker V20 to eject litterally thousands of nails per week. Our most significant injury so far has been a bruised thigh when the operator was working a bit too quickly and didn't notice he was aiming the nail at his leg! When operating the Nail Kicker V20, wear safety glasses, long pants, work shoes and please be aware of where you're aiming those nails. :-)

Other Uses

The Nail Kicker V20 can also be used to drive nails from the head end, through soft wood or similar materials up to 3/4" thick. We removed hundreds of square feet of 3/4 particle board underlayment in one project using this technique. When we tried other methods to remove the material, it would crumble and break up in small pieces. Then, using the Nail Kicker, we drove the nails through the  underlayment into the plywood beneath.  We were able to lift up full sheets of underlayment with no issue. (We later used the Nail Kicker to blow the nails backwards out of the plywood.)

On another project, we saved rooms full of 1x5 tongue & groove cedar and redwood wall and ceiling paneling with the smaller 40 size nose and driver by driving the finish nails through the tongues and into the nailing strips behind. The smaller driver made small holes in the tongues and the boards literally fell off with no significant damage!

We understand that the Nail Kicker is very popular where pallet repair is desirable. For this use, nails driven through the boards will not be removed, but the technique makes it quick and easy to lift off a broken board so that a replacement can be nailed in its place.


In our business, where efficiency of processing materials is essential to our bottom line, the Nail Kicker V20 is not a luxury tool. It is a 'must have'. We currently have three in operation, often one at the job site with two at home working in our denailing station or vice versa.  -  © Used Anew, LLC 2013