Fulton Wrecker Bar Details

Fulton Logo in Red 300dpi
Fulton brand wrecker bar. Sold by Used Anew

  • Double Claw reaches every nook and corner. Push or pull with equal force.
  • Rocker Head gives more power without blocking
  • Chisel End wide, thin, tapered
  • Composition Handle is 10/50 carbon steel. Rocker head is 10/80 high carbon steel.

24 Inch - $17.95 30 Inch - $21.95 36 Inch - $36.95
48 Inch - $42.95

Used Anew Review: My son-in-law Jason brought his Fulton Wrecker Bar along when he helped us tear down a granary a few years ago. I couldn't get over how handy it was for prying things apart - boards away from studs, rafters from sill plates, flooring from sub-floor and sub-floor from floor joists. I had always used the more traditional ‘gooseneck' style wrecking bars, but the shape and angle of the rocker head on the Fulton bar allowed access to so many more prying operations than the traditional bars, that I kept reaching for Jason's bar for nearly every task. After I borrowed Jason's Fulton bar for several other jobs, he finally gave it to me! What a guy, right?

Jason's bar was the 30 inch one. Fulton also makes other sizes. We promptly ordered more 30's and also some 36 inch bars. The 36 inch bars are not only longer. They're also more massive. More recently, we added Fulton’s 48 inch bars and now we’ve added the 24” size too. The 48” bars are especially useful when we work on barns - for prying apart beams, rolling them to the trailer, etc., tasks where a really big bar with major leverage makes the heavy work a whole lot easier. The 24 bar is great for nail pulling when you need a bit more leverage than shorter nail pullers but want something small and light enough to work quickly at saw horse level. We now alternate between the four sizes depending on the job and how much leverage we need. Quite honestly, we almost never pick up the traditional wrecking bars any more. The Fulton bars are so much more versatile, other bars pale by comparison.

The design of the Fulton bars make big nail pulling a cinch. Whether we're working on the ground or on sawhorses, the two angles formed by the offset of the rocker head allow quick and easy positioning for nails that are bent one way or the other. You won't realize how handy that is until you've tried it yourself!

Oh, and yes, although we do deconstruction to salvage all the repurposeable materials we can, there are things in any teardown that just need demolishing. The Fulton bars (we call them 'Jason bars' now) are exceptionally handy there too. The massive angled heads work well for 'bashing' things in a straightforward 'jab'. You can swing them into the base of a stud and knock it out in no time, and removing lathe and plaster with the Jason bar is a snap.  Just punch the head through the wall, then start pulling off lathe and plaster in one operation using the perfectly angled claws for working above or below your head.

I guarantee that if you do very much deconstruction at all, in no time, these bars are going to be the favorite hand tools in your deconstruction tool chest.

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