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Doing a deconstruction project yourself? We're discovering some tools and safety equipment that are 'must haves' for doing deconstruction work, but have noticed it's hard to find suppliers of more than one item at a time. We're retailing a few of our favorite tools all in one place!


Photo of Nail Kicker detailing tool, sold by Used Anew

Nail Kicker V20 by Reconnx

The Nail Kicker V20 is our favorite option for quick clean-up of lumber full of nails. We can process a stack of lumber requiring denailing in less than half the time with this incredible pneumatic tool. It's similar to a nail gun, but instead of driving nails in, it 'kicks' them out. Just slip the driver nose over the tip of a protruding nail, pull the trigger and watch the nail shoot straight through the board!  Lightweight and versatile enough to 'kick' small and large nails all day long, you may find your crew fighting over the Nail Kicker V20. A good reason to purchase another one like we did!

Price $319.00

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Estwing Geo Pick tool supplied by Used Anew

Light Weight Pick by Estwing

The perfect tool for removing sheetrock during home deconstruction (and remodel jobs too). Whether the drywall is nailed or screwed to studs and ceiling joists, the Geo Pick makes its removal faster, easier, and less messy than other methods we’ve tried.

Price $69.95

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Hand Held Metal Detectors

Garrett brand Super Scanner metal detector wand. Sold by Used Anew

Metal detectors aren’t strictly deconstruction tools, but if you’re repurposing wood and need to be sure ALL the nails and other metal fasteners are gone, metal detectors will soon be counted among your closest friends! We initially used a traditional detector, but as they are designed for walking around public places searching for lost treasures, they’re cumbersome when working at waist level on sawhorses or a shop table. These hand-held scanners were designed to be used by security agents in airports and other secure facilities, but they sure are the perfect solution for convenience in our industry! These hand-held wands are powerful, lightweight and just the right size for most workshop wood scanning operations.We use two scanners. The Garrett Super Scanner covers a lot of ground quickly, and if you locate something in a general area but still can’t find the offending fastener, you can home in on the smaller area with the White’s Bullseye TRX Pinpointer and know exactly where to find it.

Garrett Super Scanner - $149.95 White's Pinpointer - $129.95



The “Jason Bar” - Fulton Wrecker Bar

Fulton wrecker bar - a great deconstruction tool. Sold by Used Anew

Made by the Fulton company, we nick-named this wrecker bar, "The Jason Bar" in honor of my son-in-law Jason, who first introduced us to his when he helped us tear down a granary. We still own conventional “gooseneck" bars but don’t even bother to take them to our deconstruction sites. I can't honestly remember when we used one last. The Jason Bar… er… Fulton Wrecker Bar, is so much more versatile and efficient, it's the first one we grab for most big jobs that require prying (or demolition of unwanted material!) We use (and stock) four sizes.

24 Inch - $17.95 30 Inch - $21.95 36 Inch - $36.95
48 Inch - $42.95

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Crescent 19 inch Forged Alloy Nail Puller

Crescent brand nail puller tool. Sold by Used Anew

Nail pullers like these have been used for 100 years or more and they're still the best option for pulling nails that are at or below the surface where they can't be gripped by any other tool. The handle is a sliding striker that helps to bury the jaws around the nail head or shaft, allowing the user to rock the tool back, locking the jaws on the nail and extracting it. I once used this tool to remove a few thousand nails from some tongue & groove siding I wanted to salvage and couldn't remove without damage any other way. I salvaged nearly 1000 square feet of siding from that project and repurposed it as beadboard and fluted trim in an apartment we rent to vacationers. The wood features in the apartment get rave reviews from our guests, reminding me that the effort was definitely worthwhile!

Price: $39.95

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The Extractor Extracting Pliers

The Extractor is a must for pulling hard to get nails, staples, and brads that don't penetrate through the board (so you can't use the Nail Kicker on them). If there's anything at all to grab hold of, even tiny nail shafts with no head, the Extractor can get them out. The parallel auto-locking jaws curved heel, serrated teeth and non-slip cushion grips all contribute to providing more leverage at greater user comfort than conventional tools like hammers and prybars. We started with one Extractor and now have four in use. We wouldn't be without them!

Price: $24.95 (Currently out of stock)

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Stanley 15 inch Super Wonder Bar® Pry Bar

One of the primary reasons we prefer Stanley pry bars (we call them “flat bars”) to cheaper flat bars is the sharp “V” they maintain for pulling nails. They can grip some of the tiniest nail heads with ease, while other flat bars we’ve used let them slip right through.  That can be pretty frustrating when you’re trying to denail a pile of roofing boards that once wore a coat of cedar shakes with all the teeny nails that held them in place. We also like the shape of the Super Wonder Bar. The extra curve makes the flat end more usable for prying up nails at odd angles, lifting up boards, etc. We still have some cheaper flat bars in our tool boxes but guess which ones everyone goes for first!

Price: $16.95


Stanley Banded Earpads hearing protectors. Sold by Used Anew

Stanley Quiet® Band Earpads

Female worker wearing Stanley banded earpads

We’ve used a number of different types of hearing protection on the job but have settled on these as the best we’ve used. Unlike bulkier protectors, the Quiet Band Earpads are lightweight and comfortable to wear. Simply pull them free and let them rest gently on your neck when not needed. No need to set them down where they may get lost, soiled or damaged. We use chainsaws, compressors, nail kickers, circular saws and other noisy equipment on the job. These Earpads provide the hearing protection we need without the nuisance of others we’ve tried.

* Patented band design prevents ear pads from touching dirty surfaces - quiet when it’s in, clean when its out
* Soft foam pods rest partially in the ear for balance of protection and comfort
* Lightweight and portable
*Noise reduction rating [NRR] 25

Price: Box of 5 - $19.95


Barricade Tape, Caution, Yellow

Roll of caution tape. Sold by Used Anew

We like to keep a clean deconstruction site, picking up materials as we go - but when we need to let passers by know they could get hurt if they wandered into our site, we use this non-stretch reinforced “Caution” tape to form a barrier around any potentially dangerous areas.  It’s a reinforced 5 mil Polyethylene that stays flexible even in cold weather. 

Letters are 2” high bold black on bright yellow 3” tape.

Remember, it’s GREAT to deconstruct unwanted buildings and to repurpose materials but safety of your site’s observers and passers by should take top priority!

Price: 500 Roll - $16.95


Honeywell MC/P100 Half Mask Respirator w Filters

Honeywell Rws-54031 Md Respirator. Sold by Used And new

We wear more “ordinary” dust masks when conditions call for them, but there are some situations (like removing plaster in older homes) when we’d like an extra level of protection. These lightweight half masks are a more comfortable fit than other half masks we’ve tried, and the included filters are rated for lead paint dust and various other airborne intoxicants we’d like to avoid breathing in!

* Reusable, multi-purpose respirator with multi-contaminant cartridges and P100 filters
* Soft & Comfortable, non-allergenic elastomeric and silicone blend facepiece
* Contoured sealing flange eliminates pressure points on face - fits a wide range of facial types

Price: Size - Medium - $39.95

Replacement Filter Pack (Set of 2 Filters) 
Price: $14.95


3M TEKK Protection Hooded Coverall

There are times we want an inexpensive solution to staying clean and dust free on the job, particularly when working in especially dusty conditions, like when we’re working with old insulation, removing plaster, etc. These disposable hooded coveralls work well for us!

* Helps protect against lead dust, mold, biological contaminants, drywall/plaster dust, and insulation
* Breathable material
* Two-way zipper with sealable storm flaps are easy to get on and off
* Elastic wrists and ankles helps prevent paint and other light liquids from getting through the coveralls
Taped seams provide additional protection
* Three panel hood is designed for compatibility with other personal protection products (like the Honeywell respirator above)
*One size fits most

Price: $16.95


12" orange safety cone Sold by Used Anew

Stanley 12” Safety Cone

We use a bunch of these cones for various purposes, both on the job site and at home. At the job site, they are useful for a quick marking of areas we want our workers to pay attention to, and they’re useful for quickly defining areas for vehicles and equipment to stay away from (like our denailing station, for instance).  We do a little denailing at home too, & set up cones as a “don’t back the trailer further than this point” indicator. They’re nice because they’re so highly visible, are flexible enough to run over without doing too much damage (ahem…) and stay flexible even in cold winter temperatures.

* Specially formulated vinyl/PVC remains flexible and impact resistant in temperatures of -10ªF to 160ªF
* Bright orange color is resistant to fading

Price: $9.95

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