End Grain Flooring Pics

End grain flooring from reclaimed wood, installed in a Minnesota cabin.

How the light is reflected can make a big difference in the appearance of the tiles. The tiles at the top of this photo are in the same color group as those at the bottom. These are mostly 4”x8” tiles with a few 8”x8” visible in the upper corner.

4”x8” end grain wood floor tiles

The installer trimmed the edge of these 8”x8” tiles to remove a bulge but liked the natural split for its uniqueness. Offset rectangle was positioned to create visual interest.

Some of the color variation of mixing wood species is evident in this photo.

Natural edge tiles engender visual interest and clarify that this is no “cookie cutter” ceramic tile floor! 

This 4’ x 8’ sample panel features 4”x6” softwood tiles around the perimeter, with 4”x4” maple tiles in the center.

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