Deconstruction Options

A La Crosse, WI garage being deconstructed

Do It Yourself

If you’ve never taken a building apart, the prospect may seem a bit daunting, but if you’re up for a challenge and don’t mind hard work, you can certainly accomplish, at minimum, a partial deconstruction. As you delve in, you may begin to recognize that you can go further into the disassembly than you first thought.

Doing it yourself is a great way to obtain quality materials that can be repurposed, with minimal investment beyond your labor and a few tools. You may want to use some of those materials yourself to incorporate in a project you’ve had in mind - or you might ask someone to make something for you from your materials - or you can likely sell extra materials to recover the cost in your tools and pay yourself a bit for your time and effort.

Armed with a bit of research on the Internet, or from perusing a few books on the subject of deconstruction, you may feel confident enough to tackle your own project. We read a book called, “Unbuilding: Salvaging the Architectural Treasures of Unwanted Houses” that gave us a a bit of confidence when we first started. While the focus of the book was on house deconstruction, we picked up some great pointers and learned of some tools that have proved useful for any kind of building disassembly. We’ve assembled an inventory of some of those tools and others we use on a daily basis in our business and make them available to other deconstructors in the “Tool Chest” portion of our online store.

A barn in Camp Douglas, WI being deconstructed


If you’re still not sure where to begin, we may be of some help. We won’t pretend to be experts at the deconstruction of every type of building, but we’ve definitely learned some tips, tricks and techniques along the way. Our help can start with a free 15 minute introductory phone consultation, where we can discuss the type of structure you want to deconstruct and determine if we have something useful to contribute (we haven’t deconstructed every type of building, so if we don’t have experience or helpful input to give, we’ll tell you and you’ll owe us nothing). If we DO think we can help, here are some fee-based options…

Phone and email consultation - We’ll ask for photos of the building you want to deconstruct and we’ll be available via email or phone to discuss the project. We’ll provide guidance as you proceed. (Hourly rate.)

On site visit or visits - We can come to your location to view firsthand the project you have in mind and provide guidance. (Hourly rate plus travel costs.)

Our crew’s assistance on site - We can schedule one or more of our crew to help you get started or to help at stages of the project you’re least comfortable doing yourself. (Hourly rate plus travel costs.)

Whole project assistance - We can bring one or more of our crew to work side-by-side with you and your helpers throughout the project. (Hourly rate plus travel costs.)

A house in La Crosse, WI being deconstructed by Used Anew

Used Anew LLC Deconstruction Services

You may just need your unwanted building removed and have no time or no interest in participating in its removal. We can help! Our typical project includes deconstruction of your unwanted building and removal of everything that can reasonably be saved for repurpose or recycled, leaving behind only the unusable refuse for your excavator to take away. 

Depending on the building, we may be able to reclaim up to 75% or more of the structure so that machine time for the final clean up and disposal costs of the remainder are both substantially reduced. (Project bid.)

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