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Used Anew Treehouse Masters Trempealeau1

Built in summer, 2017, this river shack themed treehouse was created by Nelson Treehouse and Suppy for the 10th season of Treehouse Masters. Company owner and show host, Pete Nelson visited Used Anew to select reclaimed materials for the project which is located in Trempealeau, Wisconsin.

The “paneling” in this photo is a milled product we’re making from reclaimed weathered red  barn siding. It’s one of several types of 1/2” thick material we have milled with tongue & groove for easy installation. 

Notice the floor? That’s our “Center Cut” flooring we have made from resawn barn beams. We have it milled 3/4” thick. It is mixed species, so there’s plenty of color and grain change along with some manmade or natural character like nail holes, insect activity, spalting, etc. The Treehouse Masters crew did not seal the floor, so in this pic it is just raw wood. The treehouse owners have since oiled the floor to preserve it. 

Our rough sawn 2x4s and 2x6s were used for trim around windows and doors.

Used Anew Treehouse Masters Trempealeau4

We sourced a live edge pine slab from one of our Amish suppliers for use as a counter top.

Used Anew Treehouse Masters Trempealeau5

The wood “paneling” on the wall to the left is “skip planed” reclaimed wood. We use rough sawn vintage wood and have the planer knives set to just hit and miss the surface for a "clean rustic" look. This is one of several types of tongue and groove wood we produce.

A nice close-up of the grey weathered barn siding and rough sawn 2x4 and 2x6 trim we supplied. The “shabby” porch door is a perfect complement for the river shack style the team was going for.

The crew removed rusty corrugated tin for the roof from a nearby building before they heard about us, but they ran out. We supplied enough to finish the roof and suggested that this cupola style vent would be a nice added feature.

Used Anew Treehouse Masters Trempealeau7

Pete liked this brick pattern tin for a wall with large windows and the slanted portion of the ceiling above it.

In addition to all the finish materials we supplied for the project, we were pleased to have a visit from the show’s interior designer, Christina, who selected a few items from our store, like this nail keg, to round out the finishing touches on an amazing project!

Pete Nelson w Larry and LuAnn Hutson

Show host Peter Nelson, with Larry & LuAnn Hutson of Used And new LLC

The film crew of Treehouse Masters, wrap up after filming at Used Anew for the “Rusty Rooted River Shack” episode - Season 10 on Animal Planet.  -  © Used Anew, LLC 2013